Wolves Den After School Program Announced

Posted by Wolves Den Pembroke on Aug 31 2021 at 11:28AM PDT

The Wolves Den : To Cool for School After School Program Starts September 13th
Monday thru Friday 3:30pm to 6pm for the School year.
Play Basketball, Floor Hockey,* Soccer,*Volleyball and more and the Kid’s Fun Zone is open to
kids 10 and under .
$75 a week or $25 Day pass.
Buy a Wolves Den Gold Card Membership for $99 a month 3 Month Commitment and get all the above for just
$99 a Month and get Dicounts on all Camps and Clinics during School Vacations and Get 1/2 Price on your
Spring and Fall Wolf Pack AAU Basketball Member Dues if you play on a Wolf Pack AAU Team.

call 781-924-3259 or email us with any Questions.


2023-03-28T11:35:10.000-07:00March 28 2023, at 11:35 AM PDT, Ruca Tost said:

The Wolves Den After School Program has recently been announced, providing an exciting opportunity for students to participate in various activities and receive academic support after school hours. This program aims to help students develop various skills and improve their academic performance. However, college students often face numerous challenges that can be quite frustrating. These include roommate problems, expensive textbooks, coursework overload, lack of sleep, and campus parking. To find out more about these common issues faced by college students, you can visit the following website: Despite these challenges, programs like the Wolves Den can provide students with a supportive and enriching environment to enhance their academic experience.

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